Titan Juxt Watches Collection

The future of timekeeping is here. Cutting edge technology meets striking design in the Titan JUXT. Staying connected just got stylish. #SmartIsNowStunning


Master-crafted Celestial Time watches from Titan with moon phase movement adorned with genuine moonstone and impeccable leather.

12 models

Titan Orion Watches Collection

A collection of watches that exemplify the elegance of time. Finesse and function combine like never before to create the ultimate accessory for formal wear.

74 models

Titan Octane Watches Collection

A blur of motion. The glint of steel. A sudden rush of excitement. This is the world fuelled by Octane, from Titan. Sporty, stylish and bristling with features Octane is more than just time ticking on adrenaline. Its your pulse refusing to slow down

152 models

Titan Bandhan Watches Collection

Titan Bandhan are collection of exquisitely crafted watches in leather, gold and steel combinations. Pick your watch now.

36 models

Titan Automatic Watches Collection

The intricate mechanism of a Titan Automatic recognises your slightest turn of wrist to power its precision movements. Mechanised craftsmanship with a range of functions that keep time on your side make you and your Titan Automatic inseparable from world-class timekeeping

37 models

Titan Obaku Watches Collection

From the evergreen round cases to the multifaceted shaped ones this collection of watches are meant for people who cherish the unique. In combinations of all steel, steel & rose gold , black & rose gold these watches are sure to be the cynosure of all eyes.

54 models

Titan Tycoon Watches Collection

Every watch in the Regalia collection makes a statement about the man who wears it. The gold-silver exterior shines in the darkest hour. The designs have the grandeur of the calm. Let each Regalia say its piece.

103 models

Titan Edge Watches Collection

Classic elegance coupled with technical mastery is what the Edge is all about. With an incredibly slim movement of 1.15, the Edge is the slimmest watch in the universe - a mere 3.5mm.

76 models

Titan Zoop Watches Collection

Zoop is a range of funky watches from Titan, designed for the imaginative, talented and energetic child of today. The bright colours, striking designs and a distinctive childlike identity make Zoop an accessory every child can identify with.

126 models

Titan HTSE Watches Collection

The HTSE is a range of watches so sensitive that a mere flicker from a candle light is enough to trigger them. Combined with geometric case designs, anthracite colours and perforated dials, an HTSE is a must-have for every watch aficionado.

36 models

Titan Nebula Watches Collection

A collection of watches crafted from solid gold, Nebula is a delicate blend of the finest craftsmanship in jewellery making and the latest in watch technology.

67 models

Titan Purple Watches Collection

Bold, Brazen, Swarovski studded; Purple lives in a world where rules are for other people and laws of attraction are in your hands. It's a definitive range of style signatures for the modern trend bender.

202 models

Titan Raga Watches Collection

Inspired by the modern woman who transcends roles with poise and elan, Raga is a range of exquisite watches that have the perfect mix of sensuality and elegance.

302 models